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Since I updated around here.
So - what am I doing with my life? I'm a web-designer for quite a while now, designing simple sites for the Israely market - which leaves me precious little time to do anything but that. I work on my martial-arts (namely Ninjutsu and Arnis) and enjoy the company of those whom learn with me.

And I paint, as you can see if you take a look - that I changed my style and direction of paintings, if not the content.

So, cheers!
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So I was reflecting one post that was posted here somewhere 3 years ago, a few days before I enlisted.

Today I'm out for recruitment base, to get my very well earned discharge of the army, pay my due and take my leave :) Going to be fun, I hope. Going to laugh at all those young, sorry lads which are enlisting today. May Bog would have mercy on their service.

Cheers lads, I'll be a citizen before noon :)
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"...England IDF

The good with the bad.
The nightmares with the dreams.
The friends and the enemies.
At war and at peace.
In love and in hate.
Through the hard and through the easy.

Came in a Child, going out a Man.

Thailand IDF.
Over and Out."

That's it, de-facto I'm not a soldier anymore. Just started my discharge vacation.
I'm free, on almost any aspect of the word that I seem to value.

You know that feeling of "Gone, and would never ever be the same again?"
The last time I had that feeling was after the graduation party of high school. Seems like that old thing never tires out of being one of the most confusing emotions I have.

Right now i'm trying to digest that thing, a better explanation would follow.
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It's my birthday today, i'm 21. That means i'm legally allowed to drink alcohol in the states. Of course, that doesn't mean much as I live in Israel, where you are allowed to join the army (and thus, risk you life) and drink at the same age. 18.
That said, i'm almost through with the army in total - just a week away from my very honorably earned legal discharge after long three years of service. Had my fun though.

It's been great time, but now I must move on :)
Got me a new computer, that thing is a monster of plastic and electronics, my father's idea of how to spend hard earned money.

Well, it's also my tool of the trade, so I guess I need to start putting it into good use.

Cheer's mates. Life ain't so bad when you look on the bright side :)
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It's been a month since my grandfather passed away. I feel a little bit better now. We held a little ceremony, according to the Jew religion. I'm not much of a religious person, but it made grandma feel good, so we went all the way with that. It's important for the ones we love.

I'm having a lot of inspiration lately, though most of it I vent into creating stories and heroes in my head, basically creating a basic line for any type of RPG I would ever want to play. Lately i'v been dubbling mostly with High-Fantasy styles and superheroes, heavily effected form a friend of mine in the military which favors those kinds of plays.

Currently working on more pictures of Ores'Nan - my main Warhammer 40K character, along with Kra'El, the secondary one.
Also, in planning, a picture of Silven Chais, a super hero based on a personal interpretation of the Dragon Myth in ancient china.

Have a good time ya'll.
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It's a tough time now, so i'll make it short.
My grandfather passed away last weekend.
I've got two memorials for friend who fell in the war.
And to top it all, it's all squeezed along with some of the hottest, most annoying days I have ever had in the military.

Tough luck.

Life goes on, this is the only way.
At least my muse ain't quite dead yet, and she helps me through.
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It's been long, true.

But i'm getting new stuff every week.
Just six more months ti'll my army service is done and accounted for.

Have fun with the new line art of Shas'Vre Mont'Ka Kra'El  Sa'Cea

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"It's been a long way but now we are near
the midst of the fiery rain
We know the Thunder have summoned us all
to the place were innocence got slain

Quoted Hammerfall, that's my gig.

I've been through one hell of a time, more then two years since I've uploaded anything into this site. Times have changed and the muse can sing once again - this time with Photoshop rather then lead.

I've been through alot of things, namely military service which I can compare to nothing at all. Including a war in which i've taken part, to say the least i've lost quite a few friends back there, almost a year ago now.
But i'm back, I hope there's anybody listening and watching, because there's going to be great things in here, great many things. I've improved a lot, and now that I've got some practice and photoshop to boot.

Hope ya'll like it all.

The Trailblazer still burns baby,
And it burns damn hot!
Am out for the while, and for a good reason - I don't know if anybody reads this or not, but hay, it's worth the try to explain this mega-long silence, which will remain for a long time to come, I fear.

Well, upon my 18'th birthday, it's time for the country to claim my head, and here in isreal, it means time in the army.

So, Enlisting in the 6'th in december, time to get into the green and start bonking around.

I hope to get something uploaded in here until then, I have more then one miniature I want to show, and more then one drawing I have made, just I didn't get the time to go around and scan-picture it well...

Hope you get you things done and lives well. Infernal, Navot, The Infernal Gerbil!
Well, after too much time and too little results, I have been subject to a massive attack of Anti-Muse Bugz, my mighty pencil is laid low and my head submits to the horrible power of the artists block. Terrible times are upon my creative legacy.
Therefor I ask YOU! the people who watch, the people who talk, and just anyone cought up in my little corner in Deviant Art to come up with things to do, as massy as they may be. as weird as they may sound (hack, I made a Blastiose duke it out with Cloud Strife) I am here around, proding and pokin - you want something, ask for it, and there is a good chance of me to do it!

Buckle up, the 0.5 Mecha Pencil is waiting for you!

Some notes:
I'm not so good with females nor with Fan-Art, so you might want to ask, but those are my weak side - anything else goes!
I thought I might actually try out this question thing that's been floating around LiveJournal and now DevArt more recently. I don't normally do or post these type things, but I thought this one was probably the *most* interesting for both parties involved.

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want. then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.

Like, it says, ask anything. It *should* be interesting for you. I'll try to answer everything as best I can and I doubt you'll get a one word answer (unless it's a one word answer question) because I usually crap on when I'm asked things.


Well, me up to da challange!
I know some people get that in a day or two, but that's cool anyways.
Thenk you, everyone that view my little spot around, and a special big thenkies to thos who take their time and comment :)
I need to make something for this, anyone has any idea for 100-party picture?
Had fun this two-three days i'm here, and this wierd gray-greenish thingy that is used as a background doesn't make my eyez tingle anymore I have just one thing to tell y'all!
Comment people, it's good for the soul, it's good for the art (and hell knows I need to get my stuff back in line).
First time around, probly won't be the lest - since finishing Epiloges great storage of good stuff, I fell upon this divin site, and does not intend to leave so soon.
See you around, hope my creations won't spoil the general greatness.